A program for building future-ready devices

Speed and scale for OEMs and MNOs

The new MOD Ready program enables OEMs to rapidly launch phones running Cyanogen OS™ across a broad range of chipset platforms. This program enables OEMs to quickly integrate MOD™ software on their devices without deviating from how handset software is brought up today.

Consumers get new experiences without giving up existing benefits such as apps and app stores.

OEMs can differentiate with MOD in a market full of commoditized hardware and stock Android™ devices.

MOD Ready devices facilitate use of data rich services, increasing data ARPU for MNOs.

Developers benefit from increased discovery, leading to higher engagement and monetization.

A new premium brand for next-gen hardware.

Mods are currently exclusive to MOD Ready devices running Cyanogen OS 13.0 and higher. The MOD and MOD Ready labels are the primary indicator that a device is capable of supporting mods.

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